EMMI Nuclear and Quark Matter seminar

Towards the next xenon filled dark matter experiment

by Alexander Deisting (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)

KBW 2.28 (GSI)

KBW 2.28


XENONnT and LZ are currently the leading experiments in the search for WIMP dark matter, with both publishing recently new limits. R&D for the next experiment, with several 10 t of liquid xenon (Darwin ~40 t, XLZD ~60 t), is underway. They are both dual-phase xenon TPCs, where the sensitive volume is the liquid and a gas phase -- with the phase boundary carefully adjusted between two electrodes -- on top allows for signal amplification by electroluminescence. In this talk I will introduce XENONnT as an example for such a TPC and then I will discuss the challenges faced by current experiments and by scaling up the technology to the size needed for the future. In particular I will focus on the development of electrodes, as well as precision measurements of the liquid level in a small prototype. As an outlook, single phase xenon TPCs will be covered, too.