GSI-FAIR Colloquium

Of Swimming Pools and Galaxies: Universality in Cosmic Structures

by Matthias Bartelmann (Physics and Astronomy, Heidelberg University)

Canteen (GSI)




Attention! New location: GSI CANTEEN!


What do swimming pools and galaxies have in common? The talk will begin with this question, discuss an answer, and then proceed to further aspects of universality in cosmic structures. Recent advances in our non-linear understanding of cosmic structure formation reveal that structures necessarily become self-similar below a well-defined scale.


FAIR-GSI PhD Award 2023

Presentation of award to Simon Lauber (HI Mainz & GSI) 
by Paolo Giubellino (FAIR & GSI) and Daniel Sälzer (Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)

Talk by award recipient:

Simon Lauber (HI Mainz & GSI) 

"Advanced Numerical and Experimental Beam Dynamics Investigations for the CW-Heavy Ion Linac HElmholtz LInear ACcelerator"



Organized by

Wolfgang Quint
Carlo Ewerz
Yury Litvinov