GSI-FAIR Colloquium

Special Colloquium on the Occasion of Christoph Scheidenberger’s 60th BirthdayHYBRID

by Jens Dilling (Oak Ridge Lab) , Takehiko Saito (RIKEN & GSI) , Paolo Giubellino (GSI )

Main Lecture Hall & Zoom Room 676 7334 2893 (GSI & Zoom)

Main Lecture Hall & Zoom Room 676 7334 2893

GSI & Zoom

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Special Colloquium on the occasion of Christoph Scheidenberger’s 60th birthday with talks by

Take R. Saito (High Energy Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Cluster for Pioneering Research, RIKEN):

Exploring the landscape of exotic and strange nuclei with the fragment separator FRS  - past, present, and future

The Fragment Separator FRS has been playing very important roles in studying reactions and structures associated with exotic nuclei, and research with the FRS has recently extended to the study of nuclei involving more exotics such as strangeness. I started working with the FRS in 2002 for studying nuclear structures, and I have been in a strong collaboration with Christoph Scheidenberger for 11 years since 2012 as a member of the Super-FRS Experiment Collaboration. I’ll discuss my researches related to the FRS, in particular, on our studies of strangeness nuclear systems together with Christoph. I’ll also present the AI development in our experiment with the FRS and related subjects. I’ll further discuss on our future plans with the FRS for studying fundamental hadronic interactions. 


Jens Dilling (Oak Ridge National Lab & Duke University):

The evolution of mass measurements and the direction of accelerator-based research

Atomic mass measurements of short-lived radioactive isotopes sit at the nexus of nuclear structure and benchmark cutting-edge theory. I will present a personal journey of 25 years of collaboration with Christoph Scheidenberger on the occasion of his 60th birthday, discussing the evolution and developments of precise and accurate experiments with a wide variety of methods. This will include storage ring methods, ion trap systems, and multiple-reflection spectrometer experiments. I will also take a look into other opportunities of research at accelerators, focusing on applied fields, and using modern approaches, such a self-driven experiments with AI and automation.

With closing remarks by Paolo Giubellino (GSI/FAIR)


followed by a buffet dinner at the GSI canteen at 18.30



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Meeting-ID: 676 7334 2893
Kenncode: Colloquium

Organized by

Wolfgang Quint
Carlo Ewerz
Yury Litvinov
and Christoph Scheidenberger