13-14 November 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone
HELPMI (HElmholtz Laser-Plasma Metadata Initiative) is a 2 year project of GSI, HI Jena and HZDR, funded by the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration, which addresses the problem that no data standard exists for ultra-high intensity laser plasma experiments, hampering the FAIR principles and associated emerging benefits.
Therefore, our goal is to
  • Adopt NeXus base classes for LPA experimental data, starting from the example above, aiming for a definition
  • Extend openPMD for arbitrary hierarchies like NeXus, making the standards interoperable
  • Develop a glossary for LPA experiment data and infer the ontology, for automated validation and processing
Learn more on HELPMI on our HMC website: HELPMI-Website
Goal of the HELPMI workshop
  • Introduce the need for a data standard as pre-requisite for FAIR/open data, where metadata comes immediately into play, e.g. for retrieving, as well as a glossary as agreed set of terms
  • Introduce both NeXus and openPMD as is, highlight the role of attributes, for NeXus possibly also the role of workflows
  • Discuss similarities and differences in current data structrures/workflows, openPMD and NeXus, ideally on our example or other examples
  • Gather feedback, opinions and recommendations

Contributing to the HELPMI workshop

We invite you to submit abstracts related to the workshop goals or the goals of HELPMI in general. Here, any contribution from the NeXus and openPMD communities, as well as expertise on the glossary and ontology definition, is highly welcome. Additionally, we are looking forward to any contributions from the laser-plasma physics community on data management at each individual facility or the handling of LPA metadata in general.


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