(20) Armen Sedrakian



Josef Pochodzalla (GSI, Darmstadt)

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Wednesday, March 03: 09:00 am CET ( 17:00 JST )



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      Hypernuclear physics of compact stars constrained by gravitational-wave observations 1h

      There has been significant recent progress in the understanding of properties of compact stars with cores containing hyperonic matter based on equations of state derived from covariant density functional (CDF) theory. I will discuss the structure, composition, and global properties of hypernuclear stars predicted by CDF models. These properties can be constrained using the current data, in particular, due to very recent gravitational-wave observations. I will also discuss the electroweak processes on hyperons
      and neutrino cooling as a probe of the internal composition of compact stars.

      Speaker: Armen Sedrakian (FIAS and UWR)