GSI-FAIR Colloquium

Structure of the Heaviest Elements Revealed by Precision MeasurementsONLINE ONLY

by Michael Block (GSI, HI & JGU Mainz)

991 0606 6904 - Meitnerium (zoom)

991 0606 6904 - Meitnerium


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Penning trap mass spectrometry and laser spectroscopy are established methods to provide
insight into the structure of exotic radionuclides with precision measurements of various
atomic and nuclear properties. Based on different technical and methodological
developments both methods have been extended to the heaviest nuclides in the last decade.
In pioneering experiments performed at the SHIP recoil separator of GSI Darmstadt the first
direct mass measurements of No and Lr isotopes with SHIPTRAP and the first laser
spectroscopy of nobelium isotopes with the RADRIS setup constituted major breakthroughs.
It was demonstrated that precision measurements are feasible even for nuclides with lowest
production rates and in cases where little is known in advance. The obtained results have
allowed us to investigate the nuclear structure evolution in the region around Z=102, N=152
and to study the atomic structure of the heaviest actinides. I will introduce the basic
techniques employed and discuss select results from the latest experimental campaigns
within the FAIR phase-0 program. These comprise laser spectroscopy of Fm isotopes as well
as the first direct mass measurement of Rf-257.

FAIR-GSI PhD Award 2020

Presentation of award to Ivan Miskun (U Gießen)
by Paolo Giubellino (FAIR & GSI) and Daniel Sälzer (Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH)

Talk by award recipient:

Ivan Miskun

"A Novel Method for the Measurement of Half-Lives and Decay Branching Rations of Exotic Nuclei with the FRS Ion Catcher”

Organized by

Wolfgang Quint
Carlo Ewerz