Accelerator Seminar

A transferline delivering ultra-short electron bunches for the cSTART project

by Bastian Haerer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))

KBW Hörsaal + Zoom

KBW Hörsaal + Zoom


The compact Storage ring for Accelerator Research and Technology cSTART is a test facility which is currently being designed by the Institute for Beam Physics and Technology at KIT. The goal of cSTART is to investigate novel techniques of storing ultra short electron bunches and hereby contribute to the development of a new generation of compact light sources which combine the benefits of linear and circular accelerator facilities, the radiation of short light pulses with a high repetition rate.  One of the electron sources will be the Ferninfrarot Linac- und Test-Experiment FLUTE serving as a full energy injector for cSTART, providing bunches with a length of down to a few femtoseconds and stable beam parameters. As a consequence of the spatial arrangement of injector and storage ring, a complex transfer line is required which not only deflects the bunches in both transverse planes but also avoids bunch lengthening and delivers bunches at the injection point with a length in the low fs range. After a brief introduction of the FLUTE and the planned cSTART test facilities, this presentation will focus on the lattice design of the transferline. Both aspects of transverse and longitudinal beam dynamics will be discussed. Dynamic aperture and compression performance have been investigated with tracking simulations.