Theia-Strong2020 Workshop 2019

Technik Museum Speyer

Technik Museum Speyer

Am Technik Museum 1, 67346 Speyer
Josef Pochodzalla (GSI, Darmstadt)


THEIA is a networking activity within the STRONG-2020 Project which is funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.

The cooperation of world-leading experimentalists and theoreticians in the field of strangeness nuclear physics with experts of the neutron star community in astrophysics within the networking activity THEIA will allow to critically assess the status of our present understanding, to determine the impact of terrestrial observations for the hadronic EOS, and to identify possible new avenues to follow.

The annual workshops organized by THEIA aim to provide a platform for the early exchange of new ideas and scientific results, leading to interlinked and complementary future activities. Particularly significant is the participation of groups from Japan since the facility J-PARC provides unique pion and kaon beams for the experiments in this field and which, therefore, complements the research infrastructure available in Europe.


This project has received funding from the Helmholtz Institute Mainz and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824093.


  • Albert Feijoo Aliau
  • Alessandro Feliciello
  • Alexander Botvina
  • Alexei Larionov
  • Andreas Michael Mathis
  • Andreas Nogga
  • Angels Ramos
  • Avraham Gal
  • Benjamin Dönigus
  • Catalina Oana Curceanu
  • Constança Providência
  • Dalibor Skoupil
  • Daniel Gazda
  • Eliahu Friedman
  • Fabian Hildenbrand
  • Falk Schupp
  • Georgy Kornakov
  • Guido Maria Urciuoli
  • Hajime Togashi
  • Hirokazu Tamura
  • Hoai Le Thi
  • Honoka Kanauchi
  • Horst Lenske
  • Humberto Garcilazo
  • Isaac Vidana
  • Jaroslava Hrtankova
  • Jean-Christophe David
  • Johan Messchendorp
  • Johann Haidenbauer
  • Josef Pochodzalla
  • Juergen Schaffner-Bielich
  • Kiyoshi Tanida
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Laura Tolos
  • Liguang Tang
  • Marcell Steinen
  • Martin Schäfer
  • Michael Bölting
  • Michio Kohno
  • Morgane Fortin
  • Nir Barnea
  • Pascal Klag
  • Patrick Achenbach
  • Philipp Eckert
  • Philipp Herrmann
  • Raffaele Del Grande
  • Satoshi N. Nakamura
  • Sebastian Bleser
  • Thomas Jude
  • Toshiyuki Gogami
  • Yuji Ishikawa