40th International Workshop on High Energy Density Physics with Intense Ion and Laser Beams

from Sunday, 26 January 2020 (16:00) to Saturday, 1 February 2020 (11:00)

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27 Jan 2020
28 Jan 2020
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31 Jan 2020
HED and HED Facilities I -Dr Vincent Bagnoud (GSI, Darmstadt) (until 10:40) ()
08:40 Status of the FAIR facility - Dr Alexander Golubev (ITEP)   ()
09:10 Status of SIS18 for the FAiR Phase 0 experimental program - Jens Stadlmann (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
09:40 Advanced Heavy Ion Accelerators for HED Research - Prof. Boris Sharkov (JINR Dubna)   ()
10:10 Journey from Heavy Ion Fusion to High Energy Density Physics over the Past 40 Years - Dr Naeem Ahmad Tahir (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
HED and HED Facilities II - Thomas Kühl (GSI, Darmstadt) (until 12:20) ()
11:00 Direct-Drive Inertial confinement fusion studies for LMJ at CEA - Mr BENOIT CANAUD (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique)   ()
11:30 Status of the HED@FAIR collaboration - Prof. Kurt Schoenberg (EMMI GSI)   ()
11:50 Experimental facilities for High-Energy Density and Warm Dense Matter Experiments at FAIR - Stephan Neff (FAIR, Darmstadt)   ()
High-Intensity Lasers and Applications in HED Science I -Dr Paul Neumayer (GSI, Darmstadt) (until 10:15) ()
08:30 Status and first results of ATLAS-3000 at CALA - Prof. Stefan Karsch (Universität München)   ()
09:00 Towards Laser Acceleration of Spin-Polarized Helium-3 Ions - Zahra Chitgar (Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich)   ()
09:25 Generation of relativistic electronsand gammas in interaction of relativistic laser pulses with plasma of near critical density. - Olga Rosmej (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
09:50 Picosecond-contrast degradation in CPA laser systems - Mr Victor Schanz (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
High-Intensity Lasers and Applications in HED Science II -Prof. Markus Roth (TU Darmstadt) (until 12:15) ()
10:35 Estimation of preplasma properties via time-resolved spectroscopy of back-reflected light - Johannes Hornung (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
11:00 Strong Laser-Driven Magnetostatic Fields for Magnetized High Energy-Density Physics - Mr Michael Ehret (TU Darmstadt)   ()
11:25 Electrons acceleration in intense laser-plasma interaction - Prof. Nikolay Andreev (JIHT RAS)   ()
11:50 Pushing the frontiers of high-energy density science with X rays on LCLS and NIF - Dr Siegfried Glenzer (SLAC National Laboratory)   ()
Fusion Studies I -Mr BENOIT CANAUD (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique) (until 10:15) ()
08:30 Building a fast ignition fusion power plant - Prof. Markus Roth (TU Darmstadt)   ()
09:00 Laser Inverse Compton Scattering on Relativistic Electrons in a Tokamak* - Glen Anthony Wurden (Los Alamos National Labs(LANL-PP))   ()
09:25 Increased R&D preparing for first magnetized targets on NIF in 2020 - Dr B. Grant Logan (Consultant to LLNL-NIF)   ()
09:50 Meson-catalyzed fusion in ultradense plasmas - Prof. claude deutsch (LPGP U-Paris-Saclay)   ()
Fusion Studies II -Prof. Dieter H.H. Hoffmann (TU-Darmstadt) (until 12:20) ()
10:40 About thermal and non-thermal ignition of nuclear fusion reactions - Prof. Heinrich Hora (University of New South Wales Sydney/Australia)   ()
11:05 Progress in spherical hohlraum studies and experimental campaign on high energy laser facilities in China - Prof. Ke Lan (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics)   ()
11:30 Charged-particle guiding in magnetized cylindrical targets - Prof. Javier Honrubia (Polytechnic University of Madrid)   ()
11:55 Online detection of radioactive fission isotopes following laser accelerated proton induced fission of 238U - Mr Pascal Boller (TU Darmsadt)   ()
High-Intensity Lasers and Applications in HED Science III -Prof. Nikolay Andreev (JIHT RAS) (until 10:10) ()
08:30 Band Occupation and Optical properties of Warm Dense Gold - Mr Pascal Diougue Ndione (Student)   ()
08:55 Enhancement of laser-driven, cold X-ray sources through front side modification - Mr Steffen Sander (IKP, TU Darmstadt)   ()
09:20 Reflectivity and spectral shift from plasma mirrors generated by KrF laser - Prof. Istvan Földes (Wigner Research Centre for Physics)   ()
09:45 Laser based Neutron Sources as a Tool for Material Analysis - Mr Marc Zimmer (Technische Universität(TUDA))   ()
Applications of Plasmas -Prof. Kurt Schoenberg (EMMI GSI) (until 12:10) ()
10:30 Parametric instabilities, electron injection and acceleration from relativistic laser interaction with solid targets - Prof. Andrei Savel'ev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)   ()
10:55 Optically tunable proton acceleration in femtosecond ultraintense laser-foil interaction - Dr Wenqing Wei (Xi'an Jiaotong University)   ()
11:20 Development and plasma physical investigation of a plasma window for the generation of high pressure differences - Bernhard F. Bohlender (Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute for Applied Physics)   ()
11:45 Setup and investigation of a plasma window with optimized apertures for intense particle beam transmission to high pressure targets - Andre Michel (IAP, Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
Special Session on PIC Simulations I -Prof. Hartmut Ruhl (LMU) (until 10:15) ()
08:30 Exascaling strategies for the EPOCH Community PIC Code - Paul Gibbon (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH)   ()
09:00 Towards the QED limits - Prof. Alexander Pukhov (Uni Dusseldorf)   ()
09:25 The Open-Source Particle-In-Cell Code SMILEI - Dr Mickael Grech (LULI, CNRS)   ()
09:50 Modeling radiation spectra and polarization from particle-in-cell simulations - Dr Ujjwal Sinha (Juelich Supercomputing Center, Juelich Forschungszentrum GmbH)   ()
Special Session on PIC Simulations II -Prof. Hartmut Ruhl (LMU) (until 12:40) ()
10:35 Taming the complexity of laser plasma accelerators - Dr Michael Bussmann (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf)   ()
11:00 OSIRIS: A highly scalable kinetic plasma simulation platform - Prof. Ricardo Fonseca (Instituto Superior Técnico)   ()
11:25 PIC Simulation of laser irradiated Micro-Plasma with varying density - Ms Viktoria Pauw (LMU)   ()
11:50 Investigation of QED effects in thin foil targets - Prof. Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna (IIT Hyderabad)   ()
Activities of HED@FAIR -Dr Alexander Golubev (ITEP) (until 19:15) ()
17:00 Laser-driven X-ray sources for investigating extreme states of matter generated by intense heavy ion beams - Zsuzsanna Slattery-Major (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
17:25 PRIOR-II - Proton Radiography for FAIR - Mr Martin Schanz (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
17:50 Development of Poly- and Monochromatic X-Ray Imaging Techniques for Phase-0 and FAIR - Mr Sero Zähter (GSI-Darmstadt)   ()
18:15 On perspectives of HED@FAIR experimental study of dual unexplored phenomenon - anomalous thermodynamics regions nearby entropic phase transitions - Prof. Igor Iosilevskiy (Joint Institute for igh Temperature)   ()
18:40 HEDP at HIAF in China, the Status and Perspectives - Prof. Yongtao Zhao (XJTU & IMP)   ()
Dynamics in Plasmas -Dr Naeem Ahmad Tahir (GSI, Darmstadt) (until 19:15) ()
17:00 Geometrical effects on hydrodynamic instabilities in high energy density matters - Mr Yuanbo Sun (Beijing institute of Technology)   ()
17:25 Stability boundaries for the Rayliegh-Taylor instability in elastic-plastic solid slabs - Prof. Antonio Roberto Piriz (University of Castilla-La Mancha)   ()
17:50 Recent advances in research of underwater electrical explosion of wires and shock waves generation - Prof. Yakov Krasik (Physics Department, Technion)   ()
18:15 Density jump as a function of magnetic field for collisionless shocks in pair plasmas: The perpendicular case - Dr Antoine Bret (Universidad Castilla La Mancha)   ()
18:40 Non-adiabatic effects and exciton-like states during insulator-to-metal transition in warm dense hydrogen - Dr Vladimir Stegailov (JIHT RAS)   ()
Poster Session (until 18:35) ()
17:00 Non-equilibrium effects on the yield of D3He and DT reaction - Mr Zixiang Yan (Peking University)   ()
17:05 Effects of non-paraxial off-axis focussing in high-energy laser systems on the reliability of phase retrieval algorithms - Jonas Benjamin Ohland (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
17:10 Wake-field formation by high power microwave interaction with plasma - Prof. Yakov Krasik (Physics Department, Technion)   ()
17:15 The GSI and FAIR laser cooling activities - Sebastian Klammes (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
17:20 Development of a new ultra-high contrast module at PHELIX - Yannik Zobus   ()
17:25 Study of gamma-rays produced by intense laser interactions with low density foams using nuclear diagnostic - Ms Parysatis Tavana (Goethe University)   ()
17:30 The formation of shock waves during explosive processes at the cathode - Prof. Sergey Maiorov (Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)   ()
17:35 Physical processes in condensed and hollow optical fibers under laser action - Dr Vladimir Efremov (JIHT RAS)   ()
17:40 New findings on laser electron acceleration and enhanced multi MeV high intense $\gamma$-ray generation at moderate laser intensities - Dr Marc Günther (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
17:45 Hematite phase diagram under laser shock compression - Alexis Amouretti (Institut de Minéralogie de Physique des Matériaux et de Cosmochimie, Paris, FRANCE)   ()
17:50 Ab initio methods for modelling and simulation of warm dense hydrogen: how to get beyond Born-Oppenheimer approximation? - Mr Ilya Fedorov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)   ()
17:55 Proton-11Boron Fusion Revisited - Jianhua Feng (Xi’an Jiaotong University)   ()
18:00 Nanosecond laser driven x-ray backlighter for diagnostic applications at the HHT-cave - Dr Paul Neumayer (GSI, Darmstadt)   ()
18:05 Charge Transfer Measurement of Laser-Accelerated Carbon Ions in Dense Ionized Matter - Jieru Ren (Xi'an Jiaotong Unversity)   ()
18:10 A SPIDER for an improved laser-plasma back-reflection module at PHELIX - Mr Simon Röder (TU Darmstadt)   ()
18:15 Measurement of the compressibility and temperature of shock compressed monocrystalline silicon up to 500 GPa - Dr Dmitry Nikolaev (senior researcher, Institut of problems of chemical physics, Chernogolovka, Russia)   ()
18:20 Amplification of a surface electromagnetic wave by a running over plasma surface ultrarelativistic electron bunch as a new scheme for generation of Terahertz radiation - Dr Saltanat Sadykova (Juelich Research Centre, Juelich Supercomputing Centre)   ()
18:25 Charged particle detector for Breit-Wheeler pair-production experiments - Dr Dimitri Khaghani (University of Bordeaux)   ()
18:30 Phase transition-like anomalies in spatial distribution for strongly non-ideal ionic systems in traps - Prof. Igor Iosilevskiy (Joint Institute for High Temperature (Russian Academy of Science))   ()
Modelling HED Physics -Prof. Antonio Roberto Piriz (University of Castilla-La Mancha) (until 19:10) ()
17:00 The problem of radiation reaction in intense laser fields - Prof. Hartmut Ruhl (LMU)   ()
17:30 Two-dimensional energy and carrier diffusion in silicon upon X-ray irradiation or swift heavy ion impact - Dr Vladimir Lipp (CFEL, DESY)   ()
17:55 Equation of state for vanadium at high energy densities - Dr Konstantin Khishchenko (Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS)   ()
18:20 Quantum statistical operator approach to optical properties of metallic and classical plasmas - Dr Mikhail Veysman (JIHT RAS)   ()
18:45 Ionization in high-density plasmas: an ab initio study for carbon at Gbar pressures - Prof. Gerd Roepke (Universitaet Rostock, Institut fuer Physik)   ()