Invited speakers:

N. Andersson Southampton, United Kingdom Those infernal r-modes
A. Bauswein Heidelberg, Germany Dynamics and gravitational­wave emission of neutron­star mergers
D. Blaschke Wroclaw, Poland High-mass twin stars as evidence for quark matter in compact stars
S. Bogdanov Columbia, USA Equation of State Constraints with NICER
M. Buballa Darmstadt, Germany Inhomogeneous chiral symmetry breaking in dense neutron-­star matter
N. Chamel Brussels, Belgium Structure and Properties of Neutron­Star Crusts Within the Nuclear Energy Density Functional Theory
P. Freire Bonn, Germany Neutron star mass measurements in binary radio pulsars
V. Hambaryan Jena, Germany Observational properties of thermally emitting isolated neutro stars: Pulse profiles, compactness, kinematic ages, temperatures, magnetic fields, viewing geometry, etc.
C. Heinke Alberta, Canada Improving constraints on the neutron star radius
J. Hessels Amsterdam, Netherlands Fast Radio Bursts and their Possible Neutron Star Origin(s)
M. Kramer Bonn, Germany Neutron star properties from pulsar observations
S. Morsink Alberta, Canada Rapid rotation, pulsed X­rays, and the neutron star equation of state
M. Oertel Meudon, France Relativistic models for pulsar glitches with realistic equations of state
F. Oezel Arizona, USA TBA
F. Pederiva Trento, Italy Constraints on the isospin dependence of the lambda­nucleon force from hypernuclear binding energies
C. Pethick Copenhagen, Denmark The Condensed Matter Physics of Neutron Star Crusts
J. Pons Alicante, Spain Open issues on magnetar evolution models
J. Poutanen Turku, Finland Measuring neutron star radii from X­ray burst spectra
S. Reddy Seattle, USA Transport properties of neutron stars
L. Rezzolla Frankfurt, Germany The physics and astrophysics of merging neutron­star binaries
A. Schwenk Darmstadt, Germany Equation of state and neutron star properties constrained by chiral effective field theory and observations
K. Schwenzer Tübingen, Germany A classification scheme to discriminate different forms of dense matter
A. Sedrakian Frankfurt, Germany Transport processes in neutron stars: from crust to the quark core
V. Suleimanov Tübingen, Germany Neutron star atmosphere models as a tool for understanding neutron star physics
L. Tolos Barcelona, Spain Transport phenomena in superfluid matter in neutron stars