18-21 May 2015
Darmstadt, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Invited Speakers

Walter Assmann
Munich, Germany
The sound of protons - Ionoacoustic for ion range determination
Toshiyuki Azuma
Riken, Japan
Resonant coherent excitation under swift heavy ion channeling
Michaël Beuve
Lyon, France
From water radiolysis to hadrontherapy; Nanox a multi-scale model for biological effects
Marie-Claude Clochard
Palaiseau, France
Ion-track based nanostructures
Emily Lamour
Paris, France
Primary processes: from ion-solid to ion-ion collisions
Emmanuel Dartois
Orsay, France
Swift heavy ion modifications of water ices
Véronique Ferlet-Cavrois
Noordwijk, Netherlands
In-situ single event upset tests of electronic components for space applications
Siegfried Klaumünzer
Berlin, Germany
 56 Years of Ion Tracks: Where Do We Stand?
Nikita Medvedev
Hamburg, Germany
Simulations of electron dynamics and energy dissipation in highly excited dielectrics
Isabelle Monnet
Caen, France
Swift heavy ions irradiation of III-N semiconductors: ion tracks and point defect formation
Olli Pakarinen
Helsinki, Finland
Molecular dynamics simulations of swift heavy ion induced defects and recovery processes
Markus Schöffler
Frankfurt, Germany
Fragmentation of He and Ne dimers by swift heavy ions
Thomas Stöhlker
Darmstadt, Germany
Physics and status of FAIR
YuYu Wang
Lanzhou, China
Ion-induced hillock formation: kinetic and potential energy contributions of highly charged ions and swift heavy ions
Kazuhiro Yasuda
Kyushu Univ, Japan
Transmission electron microscopy studies of ion tracks in nuclear materials
Matt Zepf
Belfast, UK
Laser-induced particle acceleration, ps response of materials to ultrafast ion bursts