18-21 May 2015
Darmstadt, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Contribution list

ID Author Type Title
PB44 Abdollahi Poster Upgrading the GSI beamline microscope with a fluorescence lifetime scanner to monitor charged particle induced chromatin decondensation in living cell
PB67 Åhlgren Poster Two-temperature molecular dynamic simulations of swift heavy ion irradiation of freestanding graphene sheets
PB25 Alencar Poster Degradation of ionic crystals during irradiation with relativistic heavy-ions:  An in-situ Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy study
PB28 Alencar Poster Heat capacity and electron paramagnetic resonance measurements of ionic crystals irradiated with swift heavy ions
PB60 Alex Poster Energy loss and charge state measurements of heavy ions in dense weakly coupled plasma
PA13 Amani Poster Temperature-dependent conductive AFM measurements of single conducting ion tracks formed by swift heavy ion irradiation of tetrahedral amorphous carbon
PB26 Amekura Poster Is the shape elongation mechanism of embedded nanoparticles via underdense track cores acceptable?
O03 Amroussia Oral Swift heavy ion irradiation damage in Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-4V-1B:  Study of the microstructure and mechanical properties
PA46 Arbeitman Poster Studies of endothelial monolayer formation on irradiated Poly-L-lactide acid  with different ion energy densities.
PB04 Assmann Oral The sound of protons - Ionoacoustics for ion range determination
PA07 Augé Poster Irradiation of nitrogen rich ices by swift heavy ions, clues to the origin of ultracarbonaceous micrometeorites
I16 Azuma Oral Resonant coherent excitation under swift heavy ion channeling
PA15 Bala Poster Swift Heavy Ion irradiation induced interface mixing of Co/Sb bilayer thin films
O30 Banyasz Oral Design and fabrication of waveguides and optical gratings in crystals and glasses via swift heavy ion irradiation
O13 Benyagoub Oral Comprehensive analysis of the recrystallization effect induced by swift heavy ions in silicon carbide
PA48 Bereczky Poster Estimation method of micro-beam divergence from glass capillaries for biological use
I10 Beuve Oral From water radiolysis to hadrontherapy: Nanox a multi-scale model for biological effects
O31 Bolse Oral In-Situ SEM-Investigation of  SHI induced Modification of Surfaces and Thin Films
PB43 Bottländer Poster Effect of swift 12C irradiation on DNA molecules: a molecular dynamics study using the REAX force field
O22 Breuer Oral Time-of-flight Secondary Neutral & Ion Mass Spectrometry using swift Heavy Ions
PB57 Burchard Poster High Energy Irradiation Experiments with a modified Paris-Edinburgh-Cell
PB53 Cassinelli Poster Characterization of thermoelectric Bi1-XSbX nanowires electrodeposited in etched ion track membranes
PA12 Chen Poster Depth distribution of Frank loop defects formed in ion-irradiated stainless steel and its dependence on Si addition
I04 Clochard Oral Radiografted track-etched  polymer membranes for research and application
O16 Coulon Oral Ion-shaped Metallic Nanoparticles: Fundamental Aspects and Applications
I14 Dartois Oral Swift heavy ion modifications of astrophysical water ice
PA36 Dauletbekova Poster Color centers and nanostructures in LiF irradiated with 150-MeV Kr ions
PA10 de Barros Poster Ethane ices in the outer Solar System: Spectroscopy  and Physicochemical Effects
PA24 Dedera Poster In situ Raman Measurements of Calcite and Malachite during the Irradiation with Swift Heavy Ions
PB61 Denton Poster Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as masks against carbon irradiation. A molecular dynamics study
O24 Domaracka Oral Ion induced reactivity in systems of astrophysical interest
O14 Du Oral High energy heavy ion microbeam for interdisciplinary research
PA69 Dufour Poster Extrapolation of the inelastic thermal spike model developed for swift heavy ions to describe surface modifications in CaF2 induced by highly charged ions.
PB36 DURANTEL Poster SPORT: A time-resolved setup for the study of swift heavy ion beam-induced luminescence
O29 Echler Oral Determination of electronic stopping powers of 0.05-1 MeV/u 131Xe-ions in C-, Ni- and Au-absorbers with calorimetric low temperature detectors
PB41 Esteves Poster Roughness evolution in polymer thin films submitted to ion irradiation and thermal treatments
I03 Ferlet-Cavrois Oral In-situ single event effect tests of electronic components for space applications
PB40 Ferry Poster Dose effect on H2 emission and O2 consumption in polyethylene radio-oxidized at various LET
PA20 Gaiduk Poster Self-assembling of nanovoids in irradiated strained Sn nanodots
PB56 GAILLARDIN Poster Investigations on heavy ion induced Single-Event Transients (SETs) in highly-scaled FinFETs
PB01 Galassi Poster Study of the water-to-air stopping power ratio for swift hadron impact
PA01 Gao Poster Observation of ejected electron-target core interaction in He2+_ argon collisions
PB31 Gardes Poster Radiation-enhanced diffusion in Mg2SiO4 olivine bi-crystals
PB55 Gorbunov Poster A model of chemical etching of olivine in the vicinity of the trajectory of a swift heavy ion
PA23 Gou Poster The Resistance Anisotropic of High Energy Ne Ion Deposition on 6H-SiC Crystals
PA27 Gruber Poster Ion induced nanostructures by swift heavy ion irradiation under grazing incidence
O26 Grygiel Oral Structural modifications induced by swift heavy ions in Al2O3
PA70 Hayashi Poster Measurement of local temperature around the impact points of fast ions
PA11 Herder Poster Time-of-flight SIMS/SNMS of Molecular Samples using swift Heavy Ions
PB59 Hicks Poster Symmetric Neutralized Heavy Ion Beam Transport to Material Targets
PA42 Hiroki Poster Effect of heavy ion irradiation on optical property of radiation-crosslinked hydroxypropyl cellulose gel containing methacrylate monomers
PA21 Hlatshwayo Poster Effect of swift heavy ions irradiation at 500 oC on polycrystalline silicon carbide implanted at room temperature
PA16 Hofsäss Poster Conducting ion tracks in amorphous carbon generated with swift heavy ions of selected charge state
PB19 Hooda Poster Temperature dependence of growth and shape evolution of nanoscale voids in amorphous Ge on SHI irradiation
PB13 Hori Poster Hardness change in various compositional ZrCuAl bulk metallic glasses by swift heavy ion irradiation
PA41 Hossain Poster Ion Beam Induced Damage in Aliphatic Polymers
PB14 Hubert Poster Swift heavy ion-induced radiation damage in isotropic graphite studied by micro-indentation and in situ electrical resistivity
O01 Imai Oral Quasi-equilibrium in charge state evolution for swift heavy ions after passing through carbon foils
O19 Ishikawa Oral Crystalline hillock formation of oxides irradiated with swift heavy ions -TEM study-
O15 Jakob Oral Spatiotemporal dynamics of repair proteins at DNA damage induced by particles of different energy and LET
PA33 Janse van Vuuren Poster Parameters of 1.2 MeV/amu Latent Xe Ion Tracks in YAlO3 and Y3Al5O12
PB3 Kaneko Poster Forward Secondary Electron Emission from Carbon Foil induced by Swift di-atom cluster ions
PB29 Karlusic Poster Swift heavy ion tracks in amorphous thin films and multilayers
PA60 Karlušić Poster In situ ion beam analysis for swift heavy ion track characterisation
O17 Khan Oral Investigation of swift heavy ion induced modifications of size of embedded Au nanoparticles by atomistic simulations
PB32 Kirilkin Poster Accumulation of aggregate centers in LiF under swift heavy ion irradiation: the correction using depth-resolved photoluminescence data
PA09 Kislitsin Poster Experimental measurements of sputtering yield for pure metal Mo, W and ternary TiNbN compound by RBS method
PB48 Kitamura Poster Ion track etching in PVDF irradiated with uniform ion beam in an oxygen atmosphere
O23 Kitayama Oral Synergy effect between electronic and collisional sputtering: The case of amorphous silicon nitride irradiated with energetic C<sub>60</sub> ions
I05 Klaumünzer Oral 56 Years of Ion Tracks: Where Do We Stand?
O25 Kluth Oral Recent advances in characterisation of ion tracks using small angle x-ray scattering measurements
PA53 Knörr Poster Visualization of ion tracks created by swift heavy ions in Dolomite ((Ca, Mg) CO3) using etching techniques
PA18 Kojima Poster Phase transition and change in mechanical properties of Ni-based intermetallic compounds induced by energetic ion beam
PB34 Komarov Poster Photoluminescence in SiO2/Si structures irradiated with 133-MeV Xe ions
PA40 Koshimizu Poster Fast luminescence in vacuum ultraviolet in heavy-ion-irradiated alpha-Al2O3
PB49 Krieg Poster Nano-ARPES on individual electrodeposited Bi2Te3 nanowires fabricated by ion-track technology
PA22 KUBERKAR Poster Investigation on the Dielectric response of NdMnO3/LSAT thin films: Effect of 200 MeV Ag+15 ion irradiation
PB16 Kupka Poster Swift Heavy Ion Beam Induced Effects in Carbon-Based Stripper Foils
I02 Lamour Oral Primary processes: from ion-solid to ion-ion collisions
PB37 Lederer Poster Color center formation in alumina induced by heavy ions at high fluences
PB65 Leino Poster Computer simulations of ion beam shaping of Au nanocrystals
PB35 Lieberwirth Poster Response from Inorganic Scintillating Screens induced by high energetic Ions
O05 Liu Oral Influences of heavy ion parameters on single event effects in semiconductor devices
PB46 Maier Poster Radon exposure setup and solubility in different types of tissue
PA54 Maijenburg Poster Synthesis of photocatalytic p- and n-type Cu2O nanostructures by ion-track technology
PA38 Mallick Poster Thickness dependence of the evolution of microstructure, surface morphology and optical band gap of NiO thin films under 200 MeV Ag ion irradiation
PB05 Martinez Poster Sputtering analysis of silicates by XY-TOF-SIMS: astrophysical applications
I07 Medvedev Oral Simulations of transient electronic and atomic kinetics: energy dissipation in highly excited dielectrics
PB22 Meinerzhagen Poster Surface track formation in SrTiO3
PB07 Mejía Poster Carbon monoxide ice irradiated by swift heavy ions: radiolysis and sputtering
PB8 Mejía Poster Radiolysis and sputtering of carbon dioxide ice  induced by swift Ti, Ni, and Xe ions
PB42 Mejía Poster Radiolysis of H2O+CH4 ices by MeV heavy ions
PA49 Melilli Poster Giant stress field induced in a single Ni nanowire by the mechanical strain of an active polymer matrix
PA17 Minagawa Poster Reversibility of heavy-ion-induced deformation of metallic foils
PB23 Mishra Poster Modifications of the microstructure and electronic properties of rutile TiO2 thin films with 79 MeV Br ion irradiation
PB6 Mishra Poster Thickness dependent sputtering and surface enhanced Raman scattering activity of gold thin films by 120 MeV Au ion irradiation
PB18 Moisy Poster Characterization of defects and influence of the composition in AlxGa1-xN nitrides under SHI irradiation
PB20 Moisy Poster Raman study of gallium nitride under swift heavy ions
PA5 Morales Poster Energy deposition and charge state evolution of heavy ions traveling through hydrogen plasma
PA45 Moribayashi Poster Simulation study of radial dose due to the irradiation of a swift heavy ion aiming to advance the treatment planning system for heavy particle cancer therapy
PA30 Mota-Santiago Poster Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation of Silicon Oxynitrides
PB47 Movsesyan Poster Synthesis and characterization of ZnO/TiO2 nanostructured photo-electrodes by electrodeposition in etched ion-track templates
PA43 Muniz Poster Swift Heavy Ion induced Radiolysis of Adenine
O10 Ngono-Ravache Oral Aliphatic polymers oxidative ageing under Swift Heavy Ion irradiation: LET, dose and dose rate effects
PB50 Nitya Poster Swift Heavy Ion Induced synthesis of Ag/Pt nanorods in Silica Matrix
PA47 Nomura Poster Heavy-ion irradiation effects in aqueous solutions of radical scavengers
PA66 Nordlund Poster Elasticity model for the thermal response of ion tracks in quartz
PB52 Nuryanthi Poster Ion-Track Grafting of Vinyl Benzyl Chloride into Poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) Film by Different Ion Beams
PA29 O'Connell Poster TEM and MD study of latent track interference in SHI irradiated Al2O3 Latent track interference in SHI irradiated Al2O3
PB9 Ochedowski Poster Nanoporous Graphene/PET Composites
I09 Pakarinen Oral Molecular dynamics simulations of swift heavy ion induced damage and recovery processes
O21 Palomares Oral Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation of Dense GeO2 Glass at Ultrahigh Pressure: Formation and Stabilization of a Disordered NiAs-Type Structure
PA34 Pandey Poster On the Self-organization of Barium Fluoride Thin Films Surfaces under SHI Irradiation
PA39 pannu Poster Swift heavy ion induced decomposition of AuFe alloy nanoparticles embedded in silica matrix
PB10 Pellemoine Poster A structural recovery study in high temperature swift heavy ion irradiated graphite
PA14 Pellemoine Poster Radiation Damage and Annealing in Graphite: Ways to Improve the Lifetime of Targets
PB21 Perlov Poster Swift Heavy Ion Damage in MgxNi1-xAl2O4 Spinel
PA50 Polukhina Poster A Study of the Composition of Galactic Cosmic Rays Based on  Meteorite Olivine Data
PA58 Raine Poster Dispersion of heavy ion deposited energy in thin layer electronic devices: experimental evidence and simulation possibilities
PA31 Ravalia Poster Defect Driven Modifications in the Ferroelectric Behavior of BiFeO3 Films
PB63 Repetto Poster A dewetting picture for the evolution of thin solid films under swift ion irradiation
PB04 Rothard Poster X-ray emission during charging and de-charging  of insulators irradiated by swift ions
PB64 Rymzhanov Poster Effect of electric field on kinetics of electron subsystem in tracks of swift heavy ions
PA67 Rymzhanov Poster Effect of valence holes kinetics on material excitation in tracks of swift heavy ions
PB66 Sagaidak Poster Stopping powers and ranges for the heaviest atoms
I08 Sall Oral Swift Heavy Ion irradiation of III-N semiconductors: ion tracks and point defect formation
O09 Schauries Oral SAXS and SANS characterization of ion irradiation in polymers
O08 Schleberger Oral Modification of carbon nanomembranes and graphene with ions
PA63 Schlüter Poster Phase Field Modeling of Irradiation Damage
I01 Schöffler Oral Fragmentation of He and Ne dimers by swift heavy ions
PA26 Schöppner Poster Non-destructive visualization of ion tracks in colored calcites (CaCO3) by Raman spectroscopy
PB30 Schöppner Poster Raman spectra of gypsum after ion irradiation
PB27 Schöppner Poster Raman spectra of malachites (Cu2[(OH)2/CO3]) after ion irradiation
O06 Schubert Oral AuAg alloy and porous Au nanowires and nanowire networks created by electrodeposition in ion-track etched polymer templates for plasmonic applications
PA59 Schumacher Poster With LIGHT to highest ion beam intensities and shortest ion beam pulses
PA35 Schwartz Poster Color center creation in LiF crystals irradiated with heavy ions: dependence on energy loss and fluence
O12 Schwartz Oral Local formation of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond by swift heavy ions
PA28 Shamblin Poster Characterization of swift heavy ion induced effects in complex oxides with neutron and synchrotron radiation
PA06 Singh Poster Electronic sputtering of thin Au films: Experimental results and its thermal spike simulations
O20 Skuratov Oral Y2Ti2O7 and Me23C6 nanoparticles in swift heavy ion irradiated ODS alloys
PA37 Sorokin Poster Track overlapping in LiF crystals: effect of energy loss
PB54 Spende Poster Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3, TiO2, and SiO2 in etched ion-track polycarbonate membranes
I06 Stöhlker Oral Atomic Physics, Plasma Physics, and Applied Science at the Future FAIR Facility
PB45 Terakawa Poster A Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detector for Beam Monitoring in Ion-Therapy
O11 Thomaz Oral Effect of spatial confinement on the chemical damage induced by ion bombardment on ultrathin polymer films
PA44 Thomaz Poster Effect of the initial thickness dependence on the thinning rate of PMMA films induced by ion irradiation
PB39 Thomaz Poster Oxygen loss induced by swift heavy ions of low and high dE/dx in PMMA thin films
PB58 Tomita Poster Formation of Nanodroplets in N2/H2O/SO2 under Irradiation of Fast Proton Beams
PA2 Tomita Poster Vicinage Effect on the Generation Mechanism of Convoy Electrons
O04 Tomut Oral Effects of Damage Annealing on Thermo-Mechanical Properties of High-Temperature Heavy Ion Irradiated Graphite
PB11 Tomut Poster Swift heavy ion induced effects in novel copper-diamond and molyb-denum-carbide graphite composite materials
PB68 Toulemonde Poster Ion-Track Formation at High Pressure: A Theoretical Approach
O27 Tracy Oral Systematic study of the phase behavior of f-block oxides irradiated with swift heavy ions
PB17 Trassinelli Poster Properties’ modifications of giant magnetocaloric thin films with highly charged ions
O28 Varentsov Oral Commissioning of the PRIOR prototype at GSI
PA65 Volkov Poster Hybrid model of sub-picosecond excitation of solids in nanometric tracks of swift heavy ions
PB62 Volkov Poster Monte-Carlo simulations of excitation of the electron subsystem of ZnO and MgO in tracks of swift heavy ions
PA56 Wagner Poster Characterisation and Electrodeposition of Bi1-xSbx Nanowire- Networks in Etched Ion-Track Membranes for thermoelectric Applications
I13 Wang Oral Ion-induced hillock formation: kinetic and potential energy contributions of highly charged ions and swift heavy ions
PA32 Weber Poster Characterization of Ion Tracks in Oxides using Advanced Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
PB12 Weisen Poster Mechanism of the Defect Formation in Supported Graphene by Energetic Heavy Ion Irradiation: the Substrate Effect
PA08 Widmann Poster Sputtering of Silicon Oxide by Swift Heavy Ions: Dependence on Charge State and Angle of Incidence
PA51 Yamaki Poster Heavy Ion Tracks in Fluoropolymer Film: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
PB38 Yanagida Poster Linear energy transfer effects on the time profiles of scintillation in Ce-doped LiCaAlF6 crystals
O07 Yao Oral Giant rectification effect in PET suspended graphene nanopore
I15 Yasuda Oral Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on Ion Tracks in Ceria
PA3 Yoshida Poster Coincidence measurements between multiple ionization and fragmentation of acetylene molecules induced by fast heavy ions
PA25 Zabels Poster Formation of dislocations along tracks of swift heavy ions in LiF crystals
I12 Zepf Oral Ultrafast temporal response of materials to proton irradiation
PB24 Zhang Poster Defect-Enhanced Amorphous Track Formation in Complex Oxides
PB02 Zhang Poster Electron emission in transfer ionization processes for Ne8+-He collisions
PA62 Zhang Poster Projectile fragment emission in the fragmentation of silicon on carbon and polyethylene targets at 788 A MeV
PB33 Zhang Poster The study of optical property of sapphire irradiated with 73 MeV Ca ions
PA04 Zhao Poster Stopping of hundreds keV Proton/Helium Ion in Plasma
PA19 Zhu Poster Effects of Ion Irradiation on Optical Property of Silicon Films
O02 Zhu Oral Fragmentation mechanism of neon dimer induced by O6+ ions