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Plasmaphysik Seminar

All-optical ultrafast spin rotation for relativistic charged particle beams by HP LaserONLINE ONLY

by Dr Wenqing Wei (School of Physics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)

Room 96629963798 (Zoom)

Room 96629963798


Zoom-Meeting https://gsi-fair.zoom.us/j/96629963798 Meeting-ID: 966 2996 3798 Kenncode: 130302

An all-optical method of ultrafast spin rotation is put forward to precisely manipulate the polarization of relativistic charged particle beams of leptons or protons. Laser-driven dense ultrashort beams are manipulated via single-shot interaction with a co-propagating temporally asymmetric laser pulse of moderate intensity. Using semi-classical numerical simulations, we show that the initial polarization of a lepton (proton) beam can be rotated to any desired orientation by a flexible control over the phase retardation between the spin precession and the momentum oscillation in a temporally asymmetrical laser field (e.g. half-cycle THz pulse). In particular, spin ultrafast rotation from the common transverse to the more valuable longitudinal polarization is feasible in a picosecond scale or less. Moreover, the beam quality, in terms of energy and angular divergence, is improved in the rotation process. This method has potential applications in various areas demanding ultrafast spin manipulation, like laser-plasma, laser-nuclear, and high-energy physics.




Meeting-ID: 966 2996 3798
Kenncode: 130302


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