s393/land02 workshop 2011

Theory seminar room (SB3.3.170a) (GSI)

Theory seminar room (SB3.3.170a)


The goal of this workshop is to provide an overview of the analysis of the s393 experiment to all members of the collaboration. The first part will deal exclusively with s393-related issues, mainly with the calibration of the various subsystems in use, as well as with more strategic topics related to the physics cases. The second part of this workshop will be dedicated to land02, where the technical aspects of the experiment analysis will be discussed. Special emphasis will be put on the more recent developments of the framework, as well as of its peripheral tools, since the last land02 workshop in 2009.
Map of GSI
  • Aleksandra Kelic-Heil
  • Ali Najafi
  • Alina Movsesyan
  • Ana Henriques
  • Catherine Rigollet
  • chiara nociforo
  • Christoph Caesar
  • Daniel Galaviz Redondo
  • Dominic Rossi
  • Enrico Fiori
  • Felix Wamers
  • Guillermo Ribeiro
  • Haik SIMON
  • Heiko Scheit
  • Håkan Johansson
  • Joel Silva
  • Jorge Machado
  • Kathrin Göbel
  • Konstanze Boretzky
  • Leyla Atar
  • Magdalena Mostazo Caro
  • Marcel Heine
  • Marko Röder
  • Matthew Barr
  • Matthias Holl
  • Michael Heil
  • Moritz Pohl
  • Nick Ashwood
  • Olga Ershova
  • olivier SORLIN
  • Olof Tengblad
  • Paloma Diaz
  • Pamela Teubig
  • Paulo Velho
  • Philipp Schrock
  • Ralf Plag
  • Ronja Thies
  • Sebastian Altstadt
  • Simon Gannon
  • Tanja Heftrich
  • Thomas Nilsson
  • Tom Aumann
  • Valerii Panin
  • Vasily Volkov
  • Yasuhiro Togano
  • Zoltan Elekes