Probing Vacuum Polarization Effects with High-Intensity Lasers

by Felix Karbstein (HI Jena & Theoretisch-Physikalisches Institut, Universität Jena)

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at GSI ( KBW Lecture Hall - Side Room )
In this talk, I focus on the vacuum of quantum electrodynamics (QED) and discuss the status and perspectives of all-optical probes of quantum vacuum nonlinearities.
I argue that, due to our quantitative theoretical understanding of the underlying fundamental physics processes in the parameter regime accessible by state-of-the-art and near-future high-intensity laser facilities, all-optical probes have the potential to allow for precision probes of vacuum polarization effects.
After recalling the theoretical concepts their study is based on, I review prominent all-optical probes discussed in the literature.
Finally, I detail our recent activities aiming at providing solid, quantitative predictions for precision experiments at the high-intensity frontier.
Organised by Atomic Physics Department