EMMI Hadron Physics Seminar

Hadron spectroscopy at Jefferson Lab

by Dr. Marco Battaglieri (INFN-GE)

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at GSI ( GSI Theory Seminar Room (SB3 3.170a) )
The distinctive property of confinement in strong interactions, which are described by QCD, prevents quarks and gluons from appearing as free particles. Hadron spectroscopy represents a powerful tool to investigate the nature of the strong interactions. Beside the traditional use of hadron probe (pion, kaons, proton and anti-proton) and e+e0- colliders, a new generation of electron- and photo-production experiments is ready to provide precise and abundant data on light quark sector. In this talk I'll report about the Jefferson Lab hadron spectroscopy program (CLAS, GLUEX and CLAS12) reviewing some selected results and showing plans for the future.