Accelerator Seminar

Paul Sampson, "Maintenance methods at the Collider Accelerator Department Brookhaven National Laboratory"

Thursday, October 26, 2017 from to (Europe/Berlin)
Successful Accelerator Operations relies heavily on maintenance. Job coordination and execution during short downtime, scheduled maintenance and shutdown periods plays a crucial role in this success. Independent of the size and complexity of a given facility, work planning, review and safety must be an integral part for all. Though a small test facility may perform maintenance only behind repairs, a facility providing beams for medical therapy may perform scheduled maintenance daily while a large research accelerator complex may perform scheduled, unscheduled and repair behind failure, they share a common goal: uptime. At the CAD complex, there are small user facilities, such as ATF, ATF II and UED as well as larger user facilities like the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory and BLIP Isotope production facilities along with the collider (RHIC) itself. In this presentation, I will discuss the various methods employed at CAD to achieve the common goals of reliable, safe, efficient and therefore successful operation.