GSI PhD Student's Meeting May 2015

chaired by Student Representative (GSI)
Thursday, May 28, 2015 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at GSI Darmstadt ( KBW Lecture Hall )
Description The agenda for the meeting: (BBQ will be after this meeting)
  1. Discussion and Information
    1. Update from WTR@GSI - about Stipend and Contract - Pradeep
    2. Meeting with HGS-HIRe about Issues related to Students - Cathrina
    3. Update from Workers Council meeting - Paul and Cathrina
    4. Scimento for Female PhDs - Pradeep and Cathrina
  2. Helmholtz-Juniors Activity
    1. Newsletter (feedback and proposals) - Sofija
    2. Activities from German wide HeJu - Jiaoni and Cathrina
    3. Chess Club - Pavel
  3. Events
    1. PhD Science Day 2015
    2. Workshops from Goethe Uni, TU Darmstadt and around.
  4. A.o.b*
  5. PhD Barbeque - 17:00 onwards (GSI Lake - Guest House area)
If you have some information to share or an agenda to addon, you can surely do that by sending the topic(s) for the agenda if you like via email or come to the event with inputs.
Support Email: Telephone: 0049-6159-71-2586
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